As a Home Renovation Coach, I will help you create an action-plan for your project based on your Budget and timeline. I will coach you on developing a priority list, provide you industry insight and valuable ideas on how to improve your home value. Ultimately, they will help you save time and money on your renovation project and ensure quality.

Working with me as a designer is effortless.

You can expect to connect with me easily & enjoy the entire process.

What makes your experience working with me different & special is my ability to be a conduit and bring out what’s most cherished by you and build a home around it.

When thinking about designing your living space – Your Home … I’m interested in what makes you tick. What energizes you. What brings you joy!,,,

I have a spark & natural ability to show up in such a way (the IT factor) to create a platform that allows my clients to get excited about what they love & what energizes them, so their home design is aligned with WHO they really are; A space that reflects their joy, cultivates memories with friends and family and roots them into feeling good.

So If you have a project in mind that you are passionate about, Book a FREE call with me.

I’ll help you as best as I can.